President's Message

The role of educational institutions in shaping the destiny of its students is always considered unique in all civilised societies of the world. The revolution in information technology and means of communication has led to the evolution of a global culture and the education system has gone a sea change during the recent years. The K.P. Higher Educational Institute has been playing a significant role in transforming the lives of its students by enabling them to acquire wisdom and competence through innovative ideas, deep learning and noble thoughts. The faculty here is fully capable of imparting knowledge in the latest disciplines so that the passouts may devote their energies in the advancement of human culture.

They are fully trained and educated to shoulder, Social, Economic and political responsibilities. The value oriented educational pattern has immensely helped them in becoming good citizens and worthy individuals.

Needless to say, teaching and research go side by side and the research work undertaken in their context enhances the quality of education imparted to its students. Hence the institution has always tried to organize national and international seminars, workshops and conferences inviting learned scholars to deliver lectures and to the participants on the themes covering all walks of life.

I feel greatly honoured to mention here that one International and two National seminars have been held here during the session 2017-18. I hope that many more academic ventures may take place in the years to come with the co-operation and goodwill of all.

I thank all of you for having a high regard for the K.P. Higher Educational Institute .

Dr. Surendra Kumar